ROSE from Pinot Noir

Made of selected and hand-picked red grapes from the French variety Pinot Noir.

It is made by "late harvest" technology and short "motseratsiya." This means that after reaching their maximum ripeness, grape grains are separated from the stalks and the seeds. Аfter being drained, they are being left together with the husks 2 to 6 hours in a refrigerated room. That way the wine acquires a pleasant pink color and unique flavor. Thereafter, the grape juice is filtered and the further technology is similar to that of the white wine.

ROSE` Pinot Noir uniquely combines the best qualities of both red and white wine.

It is suitable for consumption with sea foods. Ideal combination with Italian pasta and also with dried or smoked meat fillets. Beautifull combination with chicken and all kinds of salmon. Delicate and fresh fruity taste.

Wonderful compliment to lunch during the summer days. Brings romance in the warm summer evenings.

Limited edition of 750 bottles Serve well chilled required (6 - 8 *) / you can add also some ice cubes /

Alk. 12% Vol                                                е 750 ml.

15.00 лв.