Welcome to the "Royal Wine Cellar", The Palace, Balchik!

The building, built next to the waterfall near Balchik, in which the winery / until the arrival in 1922 of Queen / operative mill.Fall in love with the romance of the old mill, Regina Maria built near her summer residence - connecting them through the "Walk of wine." Then this territory and SouthDobrogea / to 1940 / belonged to the Romanian state.

In 1924 she became the first floor of the former Mill at Royal cellar, where between massive / near 1 m / stone walls and the coolness of the waterfall were stored barrels with wine and brandy - made from the vineyards of the Palace, jars with pickles, sweet fig , raspberry liqueur ....
On the second floor makes his guest /reception hall, literary readings, concerts, exhibitions /

After long research in the archives and meetings with descendants of growers and gardeners, we we found grape varieties grown in this region and we tried to continue the tradition of local wine.
Gathered and impressive Enoteca of Bulgarian wines with proven origin, some over 100 years old.
Our own product shines with a collection of "Snow wine", "Raspberry merlot" mellow with Mountain tea "Grappa" and especially with the unique for Bulgaria and Europe "Fig wine." And fig minute our brandy.
We are proud with our aromatic white "Sauvignon Blanc" and a limited collection of aged more than 10 years red "Cabernet Sauvignon".
Trademark of the "Royal Wine Cellar / "Snow wine" and "Fig wine" / so far protected with a total of eleven / patent.
The products of "Royal Wine Cellar are not available anywhere in the shops. Can be purchased ONLY in cellar, next to the ml in the Palace in Balchik, Bulgaria.
Starting for us electronic application supplying BULGARIA and Member of the European Union through a courier company.