"Raspberry Merlot", done in the tradition of the

"Royal Wine Cellar" in the Palace - Balchik,

impresses with an aromatic blend of Merlot juice with wild raspberries.

Interaction during the fermentation of the red grapes with raspberries / variety "Wild forest" /

is "synergistic" and increases its antioxidant effect repeatedly.

Against the background of the specific variety Merlot bouquet prevails raspberry -

which gives this drink a unique royal taste.

"Raspberry Merlot" drink with light appetizers, cheeses, pastries, well cooled.

According to the old Bulgarian tradition, in the evening can be given / 30-40 ml. /

as detoxicant to children / over 9 years old / -

especially after working with computers and telephone devices.

15.00 лв.