Made from the typical Bulgarian variety "Dimyat",

by the technology of old French masters - etc. "Late" or "delayed" gathering.

The grapes for this noble white wine harvested in early winter -

until the first snow, hence its name.

Cold "pulls" water from the grape and it is further concentrated fruit fructose /

reaching 28-29% /.

The uniqueness of the Snow wine is - especially in combination: naturally sweet and simultaneously dry / no sweeteners / wine.

As raisins are sweet grapes and the wine is unique with exotic flair.

Snow wine is protected by four !!! patents, t

rademark of the "Royal Wine Cellar" in the Palace in Balchik.

Recommended for consumption, cheese, pastries or alone.

MANDATORY properly cooled to 8 * -10 * C.

15.00 лв.